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Attending FLWBC: TEA with the Top

TEA (Talk, Empower, Accelerate) with the Top, hosted by Florida Women's Business Center, is an ongoing networking event for business women to share and collaborate with each other. Each talk is led by a successful woman who has been through the pitfalls of the business world and made it out on top. The first talk on July 20th, 2017 featured Marjorie Ferrer, founder of Downtown Management Consulting and former executive director of Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority.

This meeting was one of my first ventures into the ubiquitous world of networking. Participating in this event was a valuable experience to connect with other female entrepreneurs in a space that enabled us to speak freely without fear of interruption or disparagement.

Victoria Hughes, the FLWBC director, was a delightful & supportive host. The room was decorated ornately and filled with fresh pastries from Del Sol Bakery. Marjorie gave a very sincere recap of her career path and the different twists and turns she made on her path to prosperity. Her lecture was heartfelt at times, but also data-driven and factual.

At the end, she took questions from the audience and had thorough, helpful answers for everyone. I asked her how I could connect my web design agency with new local businesses, and she gave the names of several reputable organizations that I could potentially collaborate with. After breathing life into downtown Delray Beach, Marjorie is now courageously venturing out on her own with an independent consulting firm offering help to other municipalities that would like to revive their community center.

Overall, this meeting was positive and inspiring. I am glad that I could be a small part of the synergistic network that the FLWBC is tirelessly creating and promoting for the greater good of the local economy.