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Designing Graphics for Rainbow Root Tea at the Yellow Green Farmers Market

If you live anywhere Broward County, you should visit the Yellow Green Farmer's Market in Hollywood, FL.

Even though I grew up in Hollywood, I never ended up stopping by. What a mistake! The market is a thriving community of local commerce; it's so refreshing in the context of the current, modern day, big-business monopoly economy.  

It was PACKED with people every single time I attended, and there are more than 300 friendly vendors. Last time I was there, a woman next to me exclaimed, with admiration in her tone, "Oh my god! A watermelon with seeds! I haven't seen one of these in ages'. She was so grateful to encounter locally grown produce that was natural and untampered with.

The atmosphere was buzzing with energy and gave off a tropical, island vibe. Many of the small businesses were owned by women and minorities, which gives me a sense of joy and hopefulness to see underdogs on the path to success. 

My colleague, Victor, launched a business selling nutritious, healthy teas. He set up shop at the farmers market, and has seen great success already. He asked me to redesign his business card & product labels, and make a banner for him to display above his booth that reflected his brand and the specific aesthetic he was going for. I love supporting small business!


business card (banner replica) back.jpg